Clubs and Honor Societies

Afterschool Theatre Productions

Howard Theatre Department puts on two mainstage extracurricular productions each year: One fall play & one spring musical. Participation is by audition only, and auditions are open to all Howard students.

Alpha Achievers

Targeting African-American males in grades 9 - 12, the Alpha Achievers Program is a youth centered educational program jointly supported by Howard County Public Schools, the Alpha Foundation of Howard County and the Kappa Phi Lambda Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Incorporated.

American Sign Language (ASL) Club

This club promotes appreciation and involvement in the culture and history of the Deaf.  Meetings are on Thursdays in Room A111. 

Astronomy Club

Provide a place for students to share and encourage enthusiasm for space and the cosmos, Introduce students to the planets, stars, and the cosmo through discussion, Telescope Construction, and night sky viewing. 

Baking Club

Learn how to expand food preparation and baking skills through teamwork! We meet monthly to prepare recipes selected by the students. The club meets on the 3rd Thursday of the month in Room N103 from 2:30-4:30pm.


Best Buddies

Best Buddies is a student run friendship club that creates buddy pairs who participate in activities inside and outside of school together to build one-to-one friendships between people with and without intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD). Offering social opportunities while improving the quality of life and level of inclusion for a population that is often isolated and/or excluded. Help people with IDD form meaningful connections with their peers, gain self-confidence and self-esteem, and share interests, experiences and activities that many other individuals enjoy.

Black Student Union

The purpose of the Black Student Union is to promote activities of common interest, as well as cultural and educational benefits for the student body.  The club provides students an opportunity to openly discuss issues faced in the community and culture.

Book Club

Encourage a life-long love of reading in a comfortable environment where students discuss literature respectfully.  Meets one Friday each month at 2:15 in the Media Center.

Chess Club

Students of all player levels learn and play chess.  Meeting on Tuesday in Room E105 at 2:15pm.

Class 2021

SGA for Freshman Class

Class of 2017

Help lower the cost of prom & senior activities! The Class of 2017 is sponsoring two fundraisers for the holidays:

Class of 2018

This group facilitates activities for the Class of 2018.  They meet weekly on Wednesdays in Room A208 to organize events and fundraisers.

Class of 2019

This group facilitates activities for the Class of 2019.

Class of 2020

This group facilitates activities for the Class of 2020.  Please see Ms. Goldsmith or Ms. Ose for meeting dates and location.

Coding Club

Share programming concepts, ideas, and comptete in Coding competitions, expose students to new programming languages

Coffee Club

For all students to express their love for coffee and expand their boundaries in trying different kinds of coffee from different parts of the world.

Creative Writing Club

This club encourages the process and development of creative writing, as well as promotes passion and creativity for non-academic writing.

Meetings are on the 1st and 3rd Thursday of each month in Room B113 from 2:15-3:00pm.

Dance Team

Dance Team consists of 16 technically trained dancers whose responsibilities include performing at school events such as pep rallies, half time shows at the basketball and football games, and school-wide assemblies.

Delta Scholars

Collaboration with Delta Sigma Theta to promote Academic excellence and self-esteem for Howard High School females through bi-monthly meetings with mentors.

Design club

Support interest in the field of Design and to stimulate creative expression and develop design skills

Dungeons & Dragons Club

Promote shared story creation, improvisation, problem solving through teamwork, and individual expression.

Educators Rising

A place for future educators to develop leadership skills,explore education as a career and work on steps that will help students get there.

English Honor Society

Charter of National English Honor Society

Environmental Awareness Committee

To promote ways to help the environment and make the Howard High School community aware of ways to reduce, reuse, repurpose, and recycle materials by recycling electronics, reduce the wasting of food through informational announcements, repurpose pens through art design, recycle markers, swap items campaign. Meets on Wednesdays after school in Room B208

Fandemonium Society

. To provide a safe and welcoming place to watch movies and discuss pop culture subjects  Meetings are on Fridays in Room N211.

Fashion & Design Club

To diversify fashions at Howard High and discuss fashion trends.  The club meets on Wednesdays in Room N107.

Fellowship of Christian Athletes

To see the world impacted for Jesus Christ through the influence of coaches and athletes and to foster fellowship among Christian athletes and non-athletes.

This group meets in Room N101 on Wednesdays at 2:15pm - 2:30pm.

Feminist Association

Promotes awareness of women's issues and equality for girls and women.  Meeting on Fridays in B110 from 2:15-3:00pm.

French Club

The French Club is a student-led group that promotes the study and appreciation of the French language. Topics and themes include Crêpe making, film viewings, food tasting, francophone holiday celebrations. All students are welcome to join.  Meets once a month, dates vary.  Please contact Ms. Borgerding for details.

French National Honor Society

To celebrate and promote the French language and culture, both within and outside Howard High.  Members are inducted annually based on their high academic standing in French and their enthusiasm to participate in and promote French culture.  Meets quarterly in Room A104.  Please contact Ms. Borgerding for further details.

Future Business Leaders of America

The purpose of FBLA is to provide, as an integral part of the instruction program, opportunities for students to develop vocational and career competencies and to promote civic and personal responsibilities. The goals or objectives of FBLA are to develop competent, aggressive business leadership, strengthen confidence of students in themselves and their work, and create more interest in the American business enterprise.Competition in various events through out the school year. Regional competition (region 5, Howard County) takes place at Long Reach High School, 1/6/18.

Future Educators of America (FEA)

Students can attend workshops and talks by visiting speakers while exploring the option of teaching in the future. Students will also have the opportunity to spend time volunteering with children.  Meetings are on the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays of the month in Room N107 at 2:15pm.

Future Health Professionals Students of America

To promote physical, mental and social well being, develop effective leadership qualities and skills,  develop the ability to communicate more effectively with people., develop character, develop responsible citizenship traits. To understand the importance of pleasing oneself as well as being of service to others. To build self-confidence and pride in one's work. To make realistic career choices and seek successful employment in the health care field. To develop an understanding of the importance in interacting and cooperating with other students and organizations.

Gamers Unite

Play and discuss video games while building and uniting a community of gamers.

Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA)

The GSA is a club that aims to provide a safe and supportive environment for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer/questioning (sexuality and gender) (LGBTQ) youth and their straight allies and bring awareness and promote LGBTQ+ issues and create a positive environment within the Howard community.  Meetings are on Wednesdays on Room N104 at 2:15pm.

German Club

To promote the German language and culture through collaboration and have fun with other students who have an interest in the German language and culture. Biweekly meetings featuring topics based on club members' interests Field Trip with the German classes to German-American Day at McDaniel College on October 17th Participation in World Language and Culture Fest in October Participation in HCPSS World Language Day in April. 

Girl Up

 Raise awareness of issues related to women around the world and within the school community.

Global Education Club

The purpose of Global Education Club is to raise awareness and funds to promote access to education in the developing word. All money raised goes to non-profit organizations working around the world to increase access to education.

Meets every other Tuesday in Room B122 2:15-2:45pm.

Global Initiative

Global awareness and support by education and fundraising.

Habitat for Humanity

Provide more opportunities for volunteering and giving back to the community we also participate in Habitat for Humanity challenge. 

Harry Potter Club

Bring together students that love Harry Potter, and further iindulge in a great book series including movie day, trivia, and character analysis.  

Howard High Mock Trial

Further understanding of the law, court procedures, and the legal system; Increase proficiency in soft skills such as listening, speaking, reading and reasoning;Heighten appreciation for academic studies as well as career consciousness of law-related professions. At the center of each year's competition is a new legal case - either civil or criminal in nature - that challenges students to think critically about timely issues. Acting as attorneys and witnesses, students portray defense or plaintiff/prosecution and are scored on their performances by judges or attorneys.

Howard HS Speech & Debate Team

We are a student-led group passionate about communication and competition. We teach, practice and compete the following forensics and debate formats: Public Forum and Lincoln Douglas debates, oratory, interpretation, impromptu speaking, and others. We participate in monthly local tournaments as part of the Baltimore Catholic Forensic League (BCFL), monthly on Saturdays. Students who compete also become members of the National Speech and Debate Honor Society, or the National Forensics League (NFL).

Howard Ice Hockey Team

To develop an understanding and improve functional knowledge of Ice Hockey. Students will develop skills for the playing of Ice Hockey, knowledge of the game of Hockey, and develop an understanding of Ice Hockey sportsmanship through off an on ice games, practices, and film studies.

Howard Leaders

Combine student leaders throughout the building in various initiatives to help make Howard High School a stronger community and provide mentorship to younger Howard students. Assist with the 8th to 9th grade transition through outreach. Documenting memories. Helping to create a more welcoming and accepting school climate. Celebrating diversity throughout our school community. Promoting school spirit.

Howard Rock Band Club

To perform at the end of the year in a battle of the bands concert/record music in a local studio and teach students how to perform as a band, teach students what is required to form and maintain a band, and record an EP in local studio Prescott Studios. Practice sessions, Battle of the Bands, Potential Local Studio Session.

Improv Team

"Hello, My Name Is..."  Each June, auditions are held for the next year's Improv Team.  The team meets weekly to practice their Improv skills and performs for the public 3-4 times each school year on selected Friday nights and perform improv games in front of a live audience, unscripted with audience interaction Please contact Ms. Greffen for further information.

International Club

The International Club is dedicated to creating a social awareness and understanding between American students and students who immigrated to the U.S. The International Club is open to all students at Howard regardless or age, race, ethnicity, nationality, political affiliation or sexual orientation, we explore the diverse characteristics of the cultures of the world.

It's Academic

Meets one to three times a week for practice on Tuesdays 2:30 to 4:30 and Thursdays 6:30 to 8:30 in B114. The primary goal of Howard High School's It’s Academic team is practice for and competition on the It’s Academic television show. To this end, Howard High School has one of the 10 most active It’s Academic teams in the Baltimore-DC region, competing in many academic tournaments run by high schools, colleges, and independent organizers.

Jewish Student Union

To provide Jewish students (and those who aren't Jewish) a place to discuss religion and celebrate Jewish holidays in a safe, non judgmental place for students to come and express their religious views. 

Latin Club

To promote the classics and Latin language at HOH, enjoy Latin based activities for past, present and possible future language students through game days and movie days. 

Legacy Step Team

To inspire and unite young women through Stepping which is a complex performance that melds folk traditions with popular culture and involves synchronized percussive movement, singing, speaking, chanting, and drama. While promoting academic achievement, unity and leadership within a diverse organization, through teamwork and to encourage self-respect and discipline throughout the young women in Howard high school.

Los Leones

Los Leones is a group that celebrates and recognizes the Hispanic culture and supports students academically, career/college, and personally/socially.

Math Honor Society

To improve the overall math experiences of students at Howard through tutoring peers in math. 

Math Team

Students will learn advanced math and problem solving skills. They will compete against other schools in Math Competitions once or twice a month.

Model United Nations Club

The Model United Nations Club works to improve students’ public speaking and collaboration skills while increasing awareness of world issues and working together to form solutions to these problems. We attend conferences and do activities during meetings designed to accomplish these goals.

Modelers Association of Howard High

Promote students in use of model trains, planes and automobiles

Muslim Student Association

~Raise awareness surrounding Islam

~Correct misconceptions surrounding Muslim students

~Create a safe space for Muslim students

National Art Honor Society

To increase awareness of the visual arts at HHS and to provide service through the arts within the broader community.

National English Society

Encourage school-wide interest in English Language Arts, Assist struggling students by volunteering tutoring services during lunch and/or LionsTime.

National Honor Society

The National Honor Society is an organization for students who perform well academically and are interested in community service.  Monthly Meetings are on the second Thursday of each month in the Cafeteria.  

National Latin Honor Society

To honor students for excellent performance in Latin and to promote the use of classics in High School.  This group meets as needed in Room A108.  Please contact Ms. Holland for more information.

National Technical Honor Society

The National Technical Honor Society is an honor society for outstanding career and technical students whose focus is engineering and/or computer science courses.

Engage current students in engineering and computer science courses. As well as promote these courses to students not currently enrolled in one of these courses.

Photography Club

Photo Club members will create a community that focuses on exploring a variety of subjects through photographic processes.

Ping Pong Club

Play ping pong and have fun. Make long lasting relationships

Rho Kappa Social Studies Honor Society

To promote scholarship and to recognize academic excellence in social studies among high school students.

To provide through its local chapters opportunities for exploration in the social studies in secondary school environments and the community.

To encourage interest in, understanding of, and appreciation for the social studies.

Rubik's Cube Club

Teach others how to complete a Rubik's Cube and improve solving times.

Science National Honors Society

Spreading community involvement in the sciences.

Participate in science excellence, tutoring, and spreading community awareness.

Self Advocacy Club

Provide a way for students to learn about policies and self advocation.

Help students teach themselves school policy, specifically student rights

Help students use effective and tactful methods to assert their rights.

SHOP (Student's Helping Other People)

Meets on select Tuesdays at 2:15 in Room B211.  SHOP is an organization that assists the community through various food drives and fundraisers.

Spanish Honor Society

The mission of the Sociedad Honoraria Hispanica is to recognize high school achievement in Spanish and to promote interest in Hispanic studies.

Student Athletic Trainers

Compare and contrast various professional organizations dedicated to athletic training and sports medicine. Delineate the process for attaining national certification and state licensure for the athletic trainer. List and differentiate between the roles and responsibilities of other health care professionals who make up the sports medicine team (e.g., physicians, physical therapists, occupational therapists, nurses, EMTs, etc.). Analyze the different types of job opportunities and settings available to the athletic trainer as well as other members of the sports medicine team.

Student Government Association (SGA)

Information forthcoming.

SWEnext (Women in Engineering)

To participate in engineering challenges and to expose more females to engineering careers and professionals.

Swim Club

Meets on Fridays from 2:15-2:45 in Room B207. Promotes the sport of swimming and helps organize Howard High School swimmers to compete in the Annual Howard County Swim meet.

Tea Appreciation Society

A place for over-scheduled and stressed students to debrief over a restorative cup of tea.

Tech Club

Meets on Fridays at 2:15 in the Media Center Tech.  Crew Students are responsible for operating the auditorium lights, audio and stage. The club is open to all Howard High students who have an interest in drama and stage technology. Students receive training in stage management, light board operation, and the audio mixer.

The Den

This group seeks to provide a space for students of all faiths to discuss matters of faith and spirituality and to promote fellowship and discipleship in order to create a more faith-aware campus.   The values of the core members of the organization are founded in Christian teachings and beliefs.  Meetings are on Mondays in Room A107 at 2:15pm.

The Pink Ribbon Club

Promote Breast Cancer Awareness


Fundraising for children in poverty and other vulnerable situations around the world.  The Club meets on the 2nd and 4th Monday of the month from 2:15-2:45 in the Office of Student Services.


Create the yearbook for Howard High School that chronicles what happens during the school year.

Yoga Club

The Yoga Club teachs health and stress techniques, and promotes practices of well-being.