Affordal digital SAT prep opportunities

Fri, 02/02/2024 - 7:57am

Is Your College-Bound Student Prepared for the New Digital SAT, ACT & the College Admissions Process?

Digital SAT Prep Boot Camps In-Person at Howard HS

ACT Prep Boot Camp In-Person at Howard HS

These Digital SAT boot camps affordably prepare students for the NEW Digital SAT scheduled for March 9, 2024, and include:

  • Taking a Practice Digital SAT Under Simulated Conditions
  • How to Use the Bluebook App and its Tools to the Student's Advantage
  • Understanding the New Test and Its Adaptive Framework
  • Strategies for ALL Sections of the Test, including many new strategies unique to this new digital format
  • Tips on Guessing, Timing, Scoring, and Confidence-Boosting


The college admissions process is overwhelming, expensive, and stressful but it doesn’t have to be!  
The Answer Class now provides college admissions help for all aspects of the process in our affordable, high-quality signature style -- SAT/ACT prepcollege essayscollege application support, and creating a balanced college list for your student

For Juniors & Savvy Sophomores
NEW The Answer Class College Admissions Crash Course puts students in charge of THEIR college process - from creating a college list to planning your visits, from financial aid and test-optional, to how applications are evaluated and how to improve yours, and more! March and April start dates. Crash Courses meet online one hour per week for 8 weeks. A game-changer for your college journey!

Each course is only $199* or choose a College Prep Premium Bundle and save up to $300! A donation of HoHS student tuition is donated to HoHS PTSA! *when you register at least one week ahead of your course.

Visit to view the full class schedule and to register your student.