Attendance Protocols

Fri, 08/25/2023 - 4:42pm


  • All absence, tardy, and early dismissal notes must be submitted from the parent/guardian email to:
  • All absence and/or tardy notes must be submitted with five days of absence or tardy.


  • Tardiness will be excused upon receipt of the email/written note per HCPSS guidelines.

Early Dismissals

  • Students will be given a pass to leave their class after receipt of an email requesting the dismissal and will sign out at the attendance window.
  • The parent/guardian does not need to come into the building when a note or email is submitted in advance.
  • Please allow ample time for your dismissal request to be processed.


  • If you need to pick up your student without prior notification to the front office, you will need to come to the building and ring the doorbell.
  • Once you are admitted into the building please proceed to the attendance window to sign your student out.
  • Please be sure to have your ID ready for identity verification. We will then call the student down for dismissal.

Local Discretionary Days

  • Parents/Guardians may access this Local Discretionary form as needed. 
  • Students are allotted up to 3 local discretionary days per school year.