2nd Semester Meet the Teachers Night (TONIGHT-February 3rd)

Wed, 02/03/2021 - 8:40am

2nd Semester Meet the Teachers Night (TONIGHT-February 3rd)

We will have two sessions for each class so if you have more than one student at Howard you have more opportunities to attend the class.  Google meet codes will be the same as the student’s class code (hohs-teacher first initial and last name- period#).  For example, if your student has Ms. Burns for Period 2, the code would be hohs-nburns-period2. 


Please remember, you need to log in with your student’s credentials.


Period 1-Session 1                     6:00pm-6:07pm

Period 1-Session 2                     6:09pm-6:16pm


Period 2-Session 1                     6:18pm-6:25pm

Period 2-Session 2                     6:27pm-6:34pm


Period 3-Session 1                     6:36pm-6:43pm

Period 3-Session 2                     6:45pm-6:52pm


Period 4-Session 1                     6:54pm-7:01pm

Period 4-Session 2                     7:03pm-7:10pm


Some teachers are unable to attend this evening, but you can view their presentations/videos here:





In addition to the sessions with teachers, Howard administration will be hosting two drop-in Q & A sessions to address any concerns you have about the reopening of buildings starting March 1st. Although we do not have all the answers, we can certainly address as many questions possible. You can join either the 5-5:45pm session or the 7:15-8:00pm session. The code for both meetings is “hohs-admin-questions” and you will need to log in using your student’s credentials for security purposes.