Are You Eligible to Earn College Credit This Year?!

Wed, 08/26/2020 - 11:37am

Are You Eligible to Earn College Credit This Year?!

Is your student registered for a high school based course with a CC designation? The CC designation indicates that the course is eligible for the student to earn college credit through HCPSS’s partnership with Howard Community College in the JumpStart Dual Enrollment initiative. The deadline for students to register for college credit in a Fall CC course is September 11th, 2020. To register for college credit, please complete the following steps: 

1.    Students must have completed the release forms and the HCC application no later than September 7th, 2020. The steps are outlined on pages 1 and 2 (ONLY) of this document: (Links to an external site.)

a.    Questions about the forms in Synergy can be directed to your high school counselor

1.      9th Grade Last Name A-K:

2.      9th Grade Last Name L-Z:

3.      10th-12th Grade Last Name A-C:

4.      10th-12th Grade Last Name D-H:

5.      10th-12th Grade Last Name I-Mo:

6.      10th-12th Grade Last Name Mu-Se:

7.      10th-12th Grade Last Name Sh-Z:

b.    Questions about the HCC Application can be directed to

2.    Review the additional information regarding course expectations and costs in the packet that can be accessed by clicking here

To finalize registration for HCC credit after completing steps 1 & 2 above, visit and enter all relevant information no later than September 11th, 2020.