Wed, 03/11/2020 - 8:10am

Update from Yearbook

Parents, with such an unexpected turn of events, we at Yearbook 2020 are trying our best to represent students who have worked hard through the years.

Photos: If you have good photos of your students engaging in their sport, musical activity etc. at home, please send photos as a large file to Make sure to include student names, sport/activity and we will try to include as many photos as we can.

PARENTS and STUDENTS: If you have good photos of your students or your team practicing a sport, or performing in a concert or play, or snaps that you’ve taken while in your club, please send them as a large file to the address, above. HOW HAVE YOU BEEN SPENDING YOUR QUARANTINE TIME? This year’s yearbook will be unlike any other published in the history of Howard High. From Freshmen to Seniors, we know our Lions are spending time in quarantine in a variety of creative, studious, silly, meaningful time. Now, send pictures of those examples in! Let’s see your artwork, pictures of your Zoom meetups, pics of you volunteering at the Food Bank or making masks for your family or healthcare workers!

For ALL photos, please: 1) Identify each person in the picture, in order from left to right. 2) Double-check the spelling of each person’s name. If in doubt, note that so the yearbook staff will be aware.

Ads for Seniors: It’s not too late to place an ad for your senior in yearbook and preserve those special memories. (HINT: an “ad” can be very creative, even a photo montage! It’s a great way to use some of those pictures you’ve been taking!) Here is a link you can use to order an ad in the yearbook: