National French Week

Wed, 11/06/2019 - 10:54am

Bonjour! This week is National French Week and the French department is excited to share some facts about the language spoken by 275 million speakers worldwide. Yesterday's trivia question was, "Where does the word 'Cajun' come from?" The word “Cajun” comes from the name “Acadia,” a French-speaking region of settlers in what is now present-day Canada. When the British took control of the area in 1713, they expelled the Acadians from their land because they did not accept the British throne or the Protestant religion. Many found acceptance in Louisiana and these Acadians eventually be came to known as Cajuns. Here's our last trivia question of the week: What South American overseas department of France is home to a European space center? If you think you know the answer, email it along with your name to The first to respond correctly will win a sweet prize!