Mission and Vision

Our Howard

Pride 2.0

Personal Purpose

Knowing what to do & Doing it.

Respectful Realationships

Treating yourself& others with empathy.

Individual Integrity

Acting with honesty toward self & school.

Disciplined Decisions

Thinking ahead & using self-control.

Enthusiastic Engagement

Demonstratin a positive interest.


In collaboration with the Howard community, we will foster a school-wide environment that promotes a culture of integrity, equity, and responsiveness that embodies OUR Howard.


We seek to create a Howard community engaged in life-long learing that ensures equity and respect for all while cultivating realationships and celebrating diversity in all forms.

Honor Code

Howard High School is a place where learning and knowledge are based on the core values of honesty, integrity, and personal responsibility. We hold our students to the highest standards of performance and integrity and expect each student and staff member to maintain those standards as they strive for continuous improvement. We expect Howard students to take responsibility for their actions, maintaining academic honesty and a positive learning experiment. As a result, we must illustrate the types of actions that would negatively impact the core values of our community. 


1. Cheating: Using or attempting to use unauthorized material, information, or study aids in any   
    academic exercise.
2. Facilitation: Helping or attempting to help another student violate any provision of the Honor
3. Falsification: Making up information/data or a citation in any academic exercise. 
4. Plagiarism: Intentionally or unintentionally representing the words or ideas of another as one’s own in any academic exercise.
5. Lying: Knowingly make a false statement. 
6. Stealing: Taking, obtaining, or using others’ property without the express permission of the owner.
7. Computer/Electronic Communication Misuse: Any unauthorized use of computers, software, Internet, network or other technology; accessing inappropriate websites; misuse of account credentials; disrupting the normal operation of a technology system. 
8. Using Cell Phones: The use of cell phones and Bluetooth enabled devices is strictly prohibited during the administration of tests and quizzes. Students are to turn off their devices and put them away prior to the start of the assessment and they must remain put away until all students have concluded testing. Only upon receiving consent by the teacher may students have their cell phones out after the test materials have been collected. Students who fail to comply will be found in violation of the academic dishonesty policy regardless of how they are being used. 

Copying another student’s homework, class work, or ideas without the instructor’s permission (cheating/plagiarism)
Allowing another student to copy homework or class work without the instructor’s permission (facilitation)
Not acknowledging another writer’s ideas or direct words within a given assignment. A list of resources alone is not sufficient (plagiarism)
Copying or paraphrasing an excerpt from the Internet or any other resource without citing the source (plagiarism)
Cheating on exams, tests, or quizzes, including failure to follow behavioral and procedural guidelines before, during and after testing situations (cheating)
Copying or buying an essay, lab report, or project and submitting it as one’s own (cheating/plagiarism)
Using an assignment from a student who previously took the class and submitting it as one’s own (cheating) an/or providing that assignment to a current student (facilitation)
Using a computer translator in World Language class without the teacher’s permission (cheating)
Obtaining information about the content of an exam, test, or quiz from a student who has already taken the exam/quiz (cheating)
Providing information about the content of an exam, test, or quiz to a student who has not yet taken the exam/quiz (facilitation)
Making up a source to use as a citation in an assignment (falsification)

Student Responsibility:
Students who have doubts about how the above violations could apply to particular assignments must seek specific guidance from the instructor before turning the assignment in for a grade. This included clarification on proper citations, whether work is to be independent or cooperative, and proper use of technology. 

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