Summer 2016 Captains' Clinic

Sun, 06/05/2016 - 8:09pm

The Summer Captains' Clinic will take place on Friday August 5, 2016.  There will be two sessions on that day.  Students must read the Information Form (HERE) and complete the Registration Form (HERE) which is to be submitted to the main office beginning on Tuesday Jue 7, 2016.  Students are asked to rank their preference of session, but understand they may not get their first choice.  The clinic will be open to the first 30 students who submit their forms.  

Students will be required to complete work over the summer and submit it when they arrive for the Captains' Clinic.  Student work will involve a text.  Students who  do not complete the work, or do not attend the clinic will be responsible for the replacement cost of the text.

This clinic is recommended for students who are hopeful of becoming captains for the fall season as there is limited space.  There will be two more sessions (one prior to winter sports and one prior to spring sports  Any questions should be directed to Mr. Duffy.