AP Summit Begins December 11

Fri, 12/08/2017 - 8:35am

New This Year!  AP Summit Lunch Sessions held for students in December!


In order to provide information to students before signing up for 2018/19 courses, students will have the opportunity to attend AP Summit Informational sessions held during each lunch shift in the Auditorium.  Students can grab their lunches and report promptly to the Auditorium where AP teachers will be presenting course information and are available to answer questions.  The following schedule will be shared on the morning announcements, TV scrolling announcements, and the website. 


Week 1

Monday, December 11 - English 11AP and English 12AP (Auditorium)

Tuesday, December 12 - Micro and Macro Economics AP (R120)

Wednesday, December 13 - World History (11) AP, Human Geography AP (Auditorium)

Thursday, December 14 - Psychology AP, Government/Politics (10) AP (Auditorium)


Week 2

Monday, December 18 - Comp Sci AP and GT Advanced Research (Auditorium)

Tuesday, December 19 - Biology AP, Chemistry AP  (Auditorium)

Wednesday, December 20 - Physics AP, Environmental Science AP (Auditorium)

Thursday, December 21 - Calculus AB/C AP, Statistics AP (Auditorium)


Information on AP World Languages, Art, and Music will be presented during class time.  See your teacher or counselor for more information.